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Unlimited Services Available
143 Main Street
Reisterstown, MD 21136

Toll Free: 888.902.5260 • Local Phone: 410.526.3520 • Fax: 410.902.8907

Recruiting Department
    Phone: 1-888-902-5260 ext. 41
Cell Phone: 443-506-7654
Fax: 410-902-8907
Contractors in need of Manpower
Shaun Merrell
Sales Manager
Office Phone: 410-526-3520, ext. 16
Cell Phone: 443-506-3539
Fax: 410-902-8907

RV Branch Sales
Harvey Settler
Phone: 410-526-3520, ext. 14
Cell Phone: 443-278-4328
Fax: 410-902-8907
Sales in: Washington DC, Montgomery County - Maryland
Northern Virginia Branch Sales
Nat Luckman
Phone: 410-526-3520, ext. 29
Cell Phone: 443-379-2950
Fax: 410-902-8907
Sales in: Northern Virginia
RE Branch Sales
John Merrell
Phone: 410-526-3520, ext. 24
Cell Phone: 443-506-3539
Fax: 410-902-8907
Sales in: Baltimore County and Carroll County - Maryland
Human Resource Manager
Katherine Pinaris
Phone: 410-526-3520, ext. 25
Fax: 410-902-8907
Workman's Compensation, Insurance, Holiday Pay, Safety
Accounting Manager
Deborah Grasvik
Phone: 410-526-3520, ext. 21
Fax: 1-800-902-1748
Accounts Payable, Certified Payroll, Invoices, Collections, Timecards, Checks, W-2s, Direct Deposit

Time Card E-Mail:

construction staffing