The following are tools we prefer our craftsmen to own, though it is not required that you own all.

Hand tools:
a) Framing Hammer
b) Trim Hammer
c) Maul Hammer (short handle)
d) Assorted Screwdrivers
e) Wood Chisels
f) Cold chisels
g) Hacksaw
h) Hand Saw
i) Coping Saw
j) Keyhole Saw (Drywall Saw)
k) Utility Knife
l) Rasp
m) Assorted Wrenches
n) Adjustable Wrench
o) Pipe Wrenches
p) No Hub Wrench (torque wrench)
q) Basin Wrench (faucet Wrench)
r) Tub Wrenches
s) Allen Wrenches (set up to ½”)
t) Pliers
u) Needle Nose Pliers
v) Flat Bar
w) Assorted Clamps
x) Block Plane
y) Socket Set
z) BX Roto Stripper
aa) Wire Strippers
bb) 8” Diagonal Cutter
cc) 9” Side Cutter
dd) Voltage Tester
ee) Assorted Nut Drivers
ff) Channel Lock Pliers
gg) Fuse Puller
hh) Center Punch
ii) Scratch Awl
jj) Pipe Reamer
kk) KO Cutter
ll) Fish Tape
mm) ½” & ¾” Pipe Benders
nn) Putty Knife
oo) Tubing Cutter (ridged # 20)
pp) Adjustable Tubing Cutter
qq) Mini Cutter
rr) Tin Snips

Power Tools
a) Skill Saw
b) Miter Saw
c) Jig Saw
d) Cordless Drill
e) Assorted Drill Bits
f) Hammer Drill
g) Paddle Bits
h) Screw Gun
i) Nail Gun
j) Reciprocating Saw (Sawz All)
k) Router
l) Router Bits
m) Belt & Palm Sanders

Measuring Devices & Levels
a) 10’ or smaller measuring tape
b) 25’/30’ Measuring tape
c) 50’ Measuring tape
d) 100” measuring tape
e) Yard Stick
f) 2’ level
g) 4’ level
h) Torpedo Level
i) Laser Level
j) Plumb Bob
k) Chalk Line Set
l) Drill Bit Index
m) Nail Set

a) Tool Box/pouch
b) Tool Belt
c) 50’ extension Cord
d) 100” extension Cord
e) Tap & Dye Set
f) Glue Gun
g) Flash Light
h) B Tank Set (solder rig)
i) Broom
j) Push Broom
k) Shovel
l) Snow Shovel
m) Ladder (4ft or smaller)
n) Step Ladder (6-12ft)
o) Extension Ladder
p) Power Washer
q) Gas Powered Generator

a) Hardhat
b) Work Boots
c) Safety Glasses
d) Work Gloves
e) Safety Harness
f) Safety Vest